While businesses are a vehicle for profit, marketing is the highway that makes the motion express. This analogy won’t be released just yet. You see, roads are effectively tarred before a transportation industry can be formed on the surface. 

If this all looks like a strategy for skipping unimportant spots in the quest to getting a quick fix outcome, it’s not entirely the case but it’s likely. The real thing would be a turning upside down of a regular pattern.

Business without sales is not good. But they say persist. And I’m suggesting an alternative way. It’s good to have your market first, won’t that be good if all startups had that. If we could try that out it would provide all confidence that there can be for effective service delivery. 

Why start from marketing
You’re unknown. Do not underestimate the ability of a business to be made or not by the strength and quality of customer appeal. And this is exactly why you need a base. The type of base you’d hereby need is not one to be acquired or whatever, or worse still your imagining of easy routes to gaining customers. You need a base of customers that actually appreciate and value your offerings. The point is, you better start getting them even before you get done with lengthy business planning and processes because they are one of the hardest parts of business and the very source of growth. So, you might as well begin looking for your customers today. Show them a demo if they need to see something. Or just pre-inform. 

How things will actually work out

You get to get a sampling of whether the thirst and hunger for your offerings exist. You may want to feed the market but they are unwilling to eat from your hand. Here, you’d know. You’d also find out when and how they like to be fed. Armed with such knowledge, you can robustly drive up business with experiential details and facts.