Bureaucracy stops everything. But why does it yet exist? Because it is a tool. Largely a government’s tool. But in contemporary times its become a tool too of big companies and sometimes, parents. 

Bureaucracy permeates through everything because everything comes from somewhere and usually has its going out to be accounted for. What we unruly enterprising people would never admit is that bureaucracy is one of the tenets that keep orderliness in the world. Such that even if an entrepreneur were put into a bureaucratic system, they’d subtly convert into a bureaucrat because it is a system of running things.

Since bureaucracy abounds throughout the world, entrepreneurs ought to find ways to live with it. And even better, use it to their advantage. 

How can I use bureaucracy you say, it actually is the reason for my limitations? If your plans are all small now, later and forever, nevermind this one is not for you. 

1. Use bureaucracy to keep up your standards
 You want to do what but some institution doesn’t permit you to do what the way your capacity dictates. Foremost, institutions in society do not exist because the government feels like having more public buildings and staff. They’re created for purposes requisite for society, albeit modern. 

Wailing usually is the difference between interaction and an end. And as such, we sometimes imagine statutory policies are hurdles placed against us. Most times they’re not. And when they’re not, entrepreneurs can benefit from their existence. They can do that through better standardization of their businesses. Bureaucratic institutions crave standards because of the multitude they get to deal with. National and sometimes international standards. If you might as well expand your business someday into somewhere it currently isn’t, you’d play by other segmented rules accustomed to that place. That’s how life works, what we have to do is keep up and stay up. 

2.  Don’t be willfully blinded

 We basically know bureaucracy to not be a good thing for entrepreneurs and so, we shut our eyes to the system where we can as though it affects them! 

But policies often come with incentives and certain enablements some of which can be of an empowering benefit to various businesses. Interaction with such systems enable them to highlight and inform us of opportunities, pitfalls and insights which could be strategically useful.